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Superior Carpet Cleaning Service

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What we Provide

    Truck Mounted

We use the most powerful equipment in the industry which provides the very best Heat and Water Recovery for Faster Dry Times and superior cleaning power.


We offer Carpet Sanitizing Services. This is highly recommended if you are for example moving into a new property or if you have small children that crawl etc. 


We use the highest quality cleaning solutions that thoroughly break down the heaviest of soils to deliver high quality cleanings.

    Fiber Rinse

Our steam cleaning rinsing process includes rinse formula that eliminates soapy residues and leaves a softer carpet fiber. This is crucial in order to not cause re-soiling issues. 

      Pet Urine

Pet stains and Odors are no challenge. We not only have the ability to treat the carpet fibers, but we can also extract contamination from padding. We also replace padding if need be. 


Carpet Manufacturer's highly recommend applying a carpet protector such as Scotch Guard after every deep cleaning. This not only prolongs the life of carpet but suspends dust easier when vacuuming. 

Commercial Care

Commercial Care

Hot Water Extraction Service

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Superior Cleaning Service

Family Friendly

Family Friendly

Safe for you whole family. EPA Approved

Upholstery Care

Upholstery Care

We offer Steam or Dry Cleaning.

Have pets?

Have pets?

Pet ODOR and Stain Control

Did you know carpet has a mechanical function? Quite frankly carpet was designed as a filter; it’s literally the biggest filter in your home or business! Each year several pounds of soil can accumulate in and underneath the carpet, so it’s just as important to clean for mechanical purposes as well as aesthetic purposes in order to remove the soil from the carpet fiber. This is especially true if you suffer with allergies. 


Is the air starting to smell stale? Why? Pollutants in the air filter down into the carpet this is referred to as “filtration soil”, often resulting in a black line running all around the carpet where it meets the base boards, black outlines around furniture and desks etc. Filtration soil is super difficult to remove completely so proper cleaning habits are imperative to the lifespan and appearance of the carpet before filtration soil and traffic wear become permanent and odor begins to develop.

Professionally cleaning carpets frequently will keep your indoor air quality at it's best. Remember….scheduled cleanings are great  for your home’s beauty but especially for your family’s health.

We are a "green" cleaning company that truly cares about your health as well as the overall health of our environment. We use quality Bio-degradable cleaning solutions that are all around safe for children and pets.  You can rest assured  that the cleaning services we provide will be done with lots of care as well as  correctly the first time. 



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